Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas gatherings and more

We started out our holiday season with Christmas with Grandpa and Grandma S. Andy loved to eat the presents!
He got some good books for Christmas!
Then on Wednesday uncle Chad came over to help babysit. I love these two pictures he took: I call this one...waiting for Christmas because you can see the chain we made of days until we left for grandma N's house.
John took the toilet apart...but it broke...
...so we went shopping for a new one. Jay enjoyed testing lids for us:)
John brought the old one to work and replaced a buddies desk chair with the toilet and a bow!
He was very excited about the new toilet and wasted no time putting it in.
Just because I am including toilet pictures, I thought I would put in this one. I left Jay in grandpa and grandma's bathroom to do some business and came back to this. I said "Jay what are you doing?" he said "oh, I just talkin on the phone mom"
On Saturday we left to go to Iowa. Jay enjoyed his present from us (leap pad)
The trip went pretty well. We had a great time meeting up with family. The boys got new pj's
The 5 grandkids
Opening Presents
We went to the rec center one day and I played a bunch of duck duck goose.
Andy gave lots of smiles to everyone including grandpa.
We did a photo session with the boys and took pictures of them with their present from Davina.
Jay loved the piano and organ at both sides. Here he is playing with uncle Kyle.
...more to come.


Anonymous said...

It's great to have you here.
G-ma N

Anonymous said...

So glad we get to see the boys' second Christmas with family!! Grandma S.