Monday, May 7, 2012


Nope, not a new baby yet. I'm hoping in the next 2 weeks though. That would mean the little guy is not too late. I've posted a few of these pictures on Facebook, so it isn't too exciting of a post for those of you who follow me there, but nonetheless: We got our playground set that we got for Christmas/tax return present up and Jay plays on it a lot!
I found a bike for Jay at a garage sale, and even though it is way to big and has no training wheels he is so proud to say that it is "my bike".
Outdoor swing (new in box) purchased from a garage sale. It is perfect for when Jay is playing outside and baby and I can hang out and rock. I remember when Jay was so colicy swinging outside was one thing that occasionally calmed him down.
And that was going to be my post, but I got a call today from a local business whose grand opening celebration we visited on Friday and stuck my name in the drawing hoping to get some coupons. Turns out I won a 42" LCD TV! I told John it was his fathers day gift (and that he might want to get me a better Mother's day gift!):)
Here are a few pictures I also posted on FB about Jay getting ready to be a big brother:

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Love all the pics.
G-ma N