Friday, December 16, 2011

Dec. 16...It's these things...

that make me love hanging out with my little guy:
One day I talked about how daddy would be coming home in 20 min. and he started day "dada, home" over and over.

John gave Jay an old flip phone of mine and when he opens it he says: "Heeeyaa ummmm Ha ha ha (jiberjaber) ummm hahaha byebye" and closes the phone. Then he picks it up and repeats it. I haven't gotten that one on video yet, but it is hilarious.

He can point to a picture of Daddy on the fridge, and the picture of Tebow I cut out from the Kohls ad:)

He learned how to say "amiee", "orange", and calls all trains "choochoo's"

He got a mini basktball hoop with balls for the tub and he has become a pro at rebounding for daddy and "fixing the net". Bathtime is now for playing basketball:)

He is also chewing on his fingers like mad and getting another tooth in. It seems like some days it hurts worse than others though.

He won't touch the presents under other peoples trees but once we set one down in front of him he can't wait to tear into it.

He loves doing whatever I'm doing including makeup, dishes, laundary, writing, reading, cooking, pouring...everything.

I'm having a harder time keeping up with him because I can't run around and play hide and seek as fast. (Plus he doesn't really wait for you to hide, so you need to get him to one side of the house and run faster than him to somewhere else in the house so you can actually hide somewhere where he didn't see you hide.)

He has started saying "no" but prefers "yeah"...which is great for us.

If you want to get him to squeal in delight, just turn the volume on the computer loud and have someone call on skype (the ringing sound sends him running to the computer). He loves talking to grandma, grandpa and anyone else who will talk to him on Skype.

He is still a picky eater but seems to do well when we let him stand on a chair and eat by the counter instead of eating in his high chair. Well, if he's going to eat MEAT and VEGGIES I guess I can't complain too much because the rest of his diet consists mainly of yogurt, cheese and fruit.

This turned into an almost 18 month update. I was due for a longer post I guess:)

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Anonymous said...

Love the videos and the updates.
He's talking so much!
G-ma N