Wednesday, August 10, 2011

13 months

A little over a week ago, Jay turned 13 months old.
He has grown a lot this last month in his maturity.  He knows the signs for "please", "more" "bath" and "all done".  I am very happy with his progress in signing because I learned them a few days before his 1st birthday.  Then I worked with him at each meal and before bath on the signs and he could do them all in about a month. 
He can say these words (although they may be indistinguishable to some): yeah, all done, dada, airplane, up, aspen (the babysitters dog), duck, quack, hi, a ball, and more words that I can't think of right now.
He can wave bye-bye, clap, put his hands over his eyes for "amen", and throw a ball- but he can't catch yet. He also enjoys pointing at things.
He runs laps around the house at night...well he CAN run, but his laps are usually a fast paced walk.
Everything is a phone.  Our cell phones are phones, mp3 players, remotes, toys with buttons, occasionally even diapers become phones;)  He puts them up to his ear and says "hi".
He gives nice big open mouthed slobber kisses.  His bib that says "I'm a sloppy kisser" is SO true.
The transition between summer-at-home-with-mommy TO school-time-at-babysitters-house has actually gone very well.  The first day he cried, but I had him calmed down before I left.  I brought "monkey" his favorite stuffed animal along for some comfort and he wanted it the first two days, but now it doesn't seem like he even needs it anymore.  It REALLY helps that the babysitters kids don't start school yet, so they keep him entertained-even if he is just running around following them:)

Here is a video of a few of the things he does:

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Anonymous said...

This is sooo cute!
What a smart kid!
G-ma N