Tuesday, July 19, 2011

All the things about summer I haven't posted yet...

Jay loves cookies. He is just like his mama...although he still calls me dada half the time. He climbed in the stroller today sneakily while I was putting on my makeup. When I came over to him sitting there ready to go he pointed at me (because he wanted ME to take him for a walk). I hesitated because it is SOO hot outside, but when I put on my sunglasses he giggled with glee because he knew that I gave in:) This picture of John (in the background) cracks me up:) Jay has been swimming and to the park many times, but Grandma caught these moments on camera. My brother and his wife came to visit and Jay basked in the attention. We went swimming at a nearby lake with a bunch of my teacher friends and their kids. Jay LOVED it and didn't even eat the sand (most of the time). While we were in Iowa I got to see a few friends. Here is my friend Sharla and her kids with Jay and I. Like I said in my last post, Jay and his cousin Isaiah are best buds. GRRR the sound isn't working. I'll keep working on this:) Here is a video of Jay and his cousin Isaiah just running around giggling.

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Anonymous said...

What a fun summer!
Can't wait for the sound in that video.
Jay does love water and his cousins.
G-ma N