Saturday, June 25, 2011

Jay's 1st birthday Monster Bash

I apologize right now for posting SO many pictures...but this is the most fun thing I have done in a long time. Most of my ideas came from reading other blogs:)
Now for the good stuff...
First I ordered THESE monsters as JPEG files from etsy. Then I went crazy with invitations, signs, pictures and labels.

Happy Birthday little monster:)

I got the idea for balloon garland idea from THIS blog post:

I dressed up all Jay's stuffed animals in his Monster clothes.

We had lots of balloons around thanks to the balloon time helium tank- which Jay LOVED until he got tangled up in them:)

John and I had our monster shirts (which I made with iron-ons).

We also borrowed a friends "monster mix" CD and listened to it, but it wasn't very loud so we kind of forgot about it after a bit.

Our Monster Meal:
Monster smiles were Croissants, monster eyes and noses were the fruit(with a fruit monster watermelon), monster teeth were Doritos, monster fingers were veggie sticks, monster toes were carrots and dip, monster juice was lemonade. We also had monster cookies (oatmeal cookies with M&M's), and monster nibbles (a family recipe), and string monster cupcakes.

The snack table:

I enjoyed creating monster eyeball cups (with lids and straws) for the kids.

I made 12 string monster cupcakes...

and then my hand started hurting from frosting too I made some normal ones:

The cupcakes were delicious- apparently:)

We had Monster bean bag toss

Which was a hit with some of the kids.

We had Monster Bowling. (one of my favorite .25 garage sale purchases)

Silly Monster Grins
(thanks for modeling- friends of Jay:)

Jay modeled his last week:
and Pin-the Eye on the monster

and in case they didn't know what to do...I made a list (I'm such a teacher!)

People came with monster gifts:
And the kids got party favors: Some of the stuff was from Oriental Trading Company. I had soft books and a beach ball for the "under 1" kids:)

We sang him Happy Birthday but he has just woken up 5 min. before so he was kind of out of it.

Our little man had an awesome party.

I know I will probably never do a party as elaborate as this one again...but it was so much fun. If you are looking for more great ideas for Monster parties-click on the links throughout the post. What do YOU like about the party?


Anonymous said...

That was a GREAT party!
Wish we could have come!
Maybe next year.
What great ideas and what fun!
G-ma N

Lori said...

WoW. That's amazing! You should do this for a living--I don't like party planning at all. But this is so cool! I can't decide what I like best. Seriously. Everything is really cute!! I think if I had to pick, it would be the creative food. There are some really neat things on the food table: cupcakes, fruit, even the veggies!

Anonymous said...

I'd say the food was the most creative, but the variety of monster games was awesome too. Never saw that many games at a party! (Jack liked the bean bag toss!) Grandma Shaler

Ruby said...

Awesome, congratulations Jay AND momma :-) Love the party - I'm planning Amber's for next Saturday and I'm doing a Mad Hatter Tea pArty. It is sooo much fun, even though they won't remember it, haha. You did a great job!

Rob and Christine said...

Angie, you put so much work, love and creativity into the party, it was unforgettable. I'm so sorry she was feeling so sick and yucky, but once she perked up later, Kathryn raved about the party. She and Neevie are enjoying their favors. It was so great to see you all, thank you again! Christine

lindey said...

what an adorable first birthday party! thanks for the email, i love hearing that pailyn's monster bash may have been an inspiration to others & i love seeing other's spin on our girly party! great job :o)