Monday, May 18, 2009

Still 2 weeks of school left

Most people are counting down the days until the end of the week because they get finished with school. We don't get finished until the 29th. It isn't actually that big of deal because I will be so busy with lots of extra things that I really won't notice. It has been hot here though. I hauled out my summer clothes, and I'm wearing flip flops around the house instead of slippers.
I ran a 5K (3.1) on Saturday with some teaching friends. It went great. We did it at a decently fast-talking pace, and I ran a bit faster at the end to make up about a min.
Next I hope to try a 5 mile run in a month.
The bummer was that about 20 min. after I finished running I developed severe allergies to something. All day my nose was running, I felt like I had to sneeze, and my eyes were watery. I stayed inside on Sunday and it want away! Crazy how you can develop allergies just like that!
We watched Wolverine on Thursday night. I enjoyed it- but it does have a lot of fighting. Anybody else watch any good movies?
No pictures to show for my week, but I just thought I would ramble about what is going on :)


Anonymous said...

Good to hear what you are up to.
We're having 80 degrees here as well.
Have a good last 2 weeks.

Dan and Sarah said...

We are not done until the 28th either - hang in there!
Great job on the running! This weekend I walked 3 miles pushing the stoller which felt great at the time, but a day later I could tell I was out of shape!

Lori said...

Can you ACTUALLY believe it? I've been running at the Y lately. Me, the "I HATE running!" girl. I have to admit, I'm beginning to see what all the hype is about with running. It feels really good afterwards.

Proud of you for running the 5 K! It's also very very normal to develop allergies this late in life, however I'm not sure about the crazy suddenness. I've always gotten a weird nose-ache-thing whenever I exercise outside. Maybe you've finally caught up with me.