Sunday, November 23, 2008

a funny moment..

Today before church, Sarah (fellow Dordt alumni from MN)and I were chatting about how we didn't think anyone was going to bring bars or cookies during our snack time. We also talked about the words associated with NW Iowa that no one else gets.
During the discussion time at our table we were asked to talk about why we were thankful for the people at our table. I said I was thankful for Sarah and Becca who are from NW Iowa/MN because we can talk about thinks like Bars and Taverns.
We laughed...and so did some of the other people around the table who thought we were talking about "bars and taverns". I briefly clarified that we weren't alcoholics, and it was all better. Be careful what NW Iowa slang you use together:0


Anonymous said...

You are right.
Out here (in the sticks)
We all like bars and taverns.:)
Funny, Funny.

Joel said...

Hmm. I knew that "taverns" were unique to the midwest, but not "bars". I'll have to test that one on folks from my church to see if they've heard of it.

Chad said...

yeah...we will make sure to make some good Pub's when we are home for Christmas too.

Lori said...

Ha!! I love it!