Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th of July and other random thoughts

Lori has a great post about their 4th of July outing.
I will illustrate our 4th of July in details using as few words as possible:)
Because it was...

We decided to play original

My favorite games were:

and excite bike.

We also grilled

It was an incredibly relaxing, super fun 4th!

1. We are avoiding grasshoppers like the plague. (pun intended)
Apparently we have a grasshopper infestation. I only mainly notice when I go out to water our flowers and 10 grasshoppers jump out as I water the plant. When I was coming in the house the other day I spotted this beautiful one. Check out the details.

2. I'm not a great speller, but I think people who manufacture scrapbooking products should be able to spell. See for yourself:

3. Now that I'm into coupons, I often look at the details and exclusions. When I got this one from Qudoba I noticed it said "Limit one birthday per year". Who comes up with this stuff?

4. I admit it. I am a "neurotic obsessive compulsive frugal shopper." (quote taken from Centsible Sawyer) I am addicted to free stuff. I was unaware of how bad it was getting until this Sunday when the paper delivery guy put in 3 Target adds and NO COUPONS! It ruined most of my day. Seriously. As I organized my shopping list, a good number of things that i could have gotten free with coupons were out of the question because I didn't have the coupons. I'll stop the story there so you don't think I'm that crazy:)
Oh, but here's my free stuff from last week:


Lori said...

103!!! Holy mutha! That's crazy. And pleeeeeease, can we make that stuff you grilled when we come over? That looks amazing!

P.S. We'll have a mario match too. Kyle and I have an original nintendo so you might have to watch out. We're some fierce competition.

Lori said...

I meant to say "we'll have to have a mario match"

You can't spell. I can't words put in the order right and sometimes I just forget them completely.

Anonymous said...

Boy, you had a HOT 4th of July.
We had a nice day -for working on the shed.
We also grilled --but your food looks better than what we had.
See you soon.

FrugalArmadillo said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I wonder sometimes what the cashiers must think of the stuff we sometimes buy together! :) When I was a cashier, one time I had a young guy come through buying condoms and a pregnancy test. That was the oddest combination I ever saw!

I read your profile - I teach K-12th grade computer classes. I'm dreading returning to school in a few weeks. :)

Regarding the birthday coupons.... I know a couple that puts down fake birthdays throughout the year for the different birthday clubs so that they get free food all year long. I don't think they register more than once per place, but the idea still seems wrong. I'm sure some people DO try changing their birthday to get another freebie.

I've called my newspaper company and complained when they didn't put the coupons in my paper. I told them that's the only reason I subscribe. I got a credit for that paper - and I bought another one - with coupons - after church. :)