Sunday, October 14, 2007

Rainy Days in Colorado

I can't believe it. We have had 2 rainy days in a row! Mostly it is just cloudy- but cloudy is strange for Colorado too. I have spent much of these rainy days looking at the burning bushes outside, sleeping, finishing up some scrapbooking, sleeping, making cookies and supper, sleeping, watching John fix my car, and sleeping. It is essential to sleep a lot because I got home every night this week after 8pm and I am exhausted!
My front brakes became problematic, so John replaced the brake pads and rotors. He did one side the afternoon before, but because of the much needed rain he was forced to finish the right side today. oohh, shiny.


Anonymous said...

The bushes are really pretty.
Nice for fall colors.
It's great that John can fix your car.
Have a good rainy day (sleeping)!

sarah said...

I didn't know the breaks were under the hood. Are you sure you trust him Angie? You have a good marriage right? :)

Angie said...

He also changed the air filter and added oil:) Of course I trust him!