Monday, June 25, 2007

I know Lori might beat me to this...

but I wanted to show John what a nice time I have been having. It was especially nice when Caleb, my cute nephew, decided to share his first taste of baby food with me. I think it was peaches:) Thanks, Lori for capturing this gut-wrenching moment.
I can't wait to show you other cute pictures of us.
I am trying to get the pictures on here...but I am on the Parent's computer=slow. They will be posted soon.


Lori said...

Nope! You beat me to it!!

Caleb was VERY angry at us for sticking him in his carseat on the way home, so we were WAY too tired to do any blogging.

Caleb enjoyed the peaches though!! A little more than you...

I laugh every time I see this. :)

Dan & Sarah said...

Great pictures!
Happy Anniversary!!