Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Just messing around

I would love to say this is me- all dressed up for Valentines Day...but it is actually a picture of me this past summer. I am posting to figure out how to put my picture on my profile. In other news I had 2 volleyball games last night and we rocked! I had an awesome save from the back corner and we were screaming like we were in high school. Good times. Adios.


Chad said...

Hey Sis.....Interestingly I have thought about your volleyball days of late. I always see Rochelle Doktor walking around the rec center track with one of the dekkers guys wives. So..that sparked it, but I don't know if i had a dream about it or if it was just in passing. Either way! good work!!! I have re-lived some of my glory days in sports to of late...40 points in B League intermurals, and 4 goals in indoor soccer intermuerals! goooo Former Nibbelinks (AKA SHAYLOR) and Nibbelinks!!!

Michele said...
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